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Recently Involved in an Accident? Let Us Help.

If you were recently involved in an accident, we can help! Each year we treat hundreds of people that have been involved in car accidents. It is our objective to get these individuals back to the pain free life they were living before the incident. Many times your injuries may not seem painful right away, but will become so, days or weeks after the accident. Sometimes people do not seek care because they are concerned about how they will be able to pay for the treatment. This can lead to chronic and disabling pain for years to come. I have made it my personal goal as a doctor of Chiropractic care, to help you get better without having to worry about how to pay for it.


What is med-Pay?

Many people have medical benefits (Med-Pay) included in their automobile policies and don’t even realize it. Med- pay will cover up to the limits of your coverage amount or the amount of your reasonable and necessary medical bills, whichever is less. It does not matter if you were involved in a one car accident, if you were at fault or if you were in a multi-car pile-up your med-pay is there to benefit you. Typically med-pay is seen from $500 to $10,000 worth of coverage.

How does med-pay work?

Med-pay is exactly like health insurance. Using it does not cause your premiums to increase. If your rates increase, it is more than likely you were at fault, you received a ticket in the accident, or you have been involved in multiple accidents recently and are considered “high risk.” If you are not at fault using your med-pay does not relieve the other party from having to pay in full for your loss. By filing your med-pay your settlement may actually increase. A greater amount of the settlement will come to you because your medical bills will be less. If the liable party’s insurance fails to pay or they are uninsured med-pay can reduce the amount of bills you are responsible for. If you choose not to file med-pay you are paying for an option that you are not receiving benefit from.

Who is entitled to med-pay?

Anyone who is listed on the policy and any family member (living in the same household) of the insured is entitled to med-pay in the event of an accident. Family and friends that are riding with an insured who has med-pay are also entitled to med-pay coverage. If you have med-pay coverage it may also be available to you or a family member if struck as a pedestrian.

This is just one of the many ways we can help make chiropractic care affordable to those injured in an accident. To start feeling better, CALL TODAY: 704-406-9939 in Shelby and 704-739-3373 in Kings Mountain.

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