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What to Expect

Patient Forms

At Chiropractic Physicians of the Carolinas, you will be welcomed by our receptionist. We will then provide you with new patient forms to be filled out. These forms provide us with information about you and your condition.



Next, you will have a consultation with the Physician to discuss your health condition and/or concerns as well as various treatment options. This is a great time to learn more about your condition, as well as your expectations, and together determine if chiropractic care will help you meet your goals.



After the consultation, with your consent, the physician will perform a complete chiropractic examination where they will palpate your spine, check your posture, range of motion and reflexes. They will also perform some standard orthopedic and neurological tests.



It is necessary to take xrays of some patients to fully evaluate the condition. X-rays are beneficial in ruling out certain conditions, as well as establishing the most effective treatment plan. There are many reasons why we would not take x-rays including young children, pregnancy and recent usable spinal xrays. The physician will determine the need for x-rays upon your intial visit.


Report of Findings

Once all the examinations have been performed, they will give you a report of their findings. If they took xrays, they will discuss those with you. They will answer the following questions:

  • Can chiropractic care help me?

  • What are your recommendations?

  • How long is it going to take?

  • How much is it going to cost?


If they feel that your condition should be managed or co-managed by another provider, they will let you know at this time. Otherwise they will discuss with you the course of treatment and listen to any reservations or concerns that you may have.



Immediately following the report of findings, patients typically receive their first treatment. There are a variety of treatment options available such as spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and physical therapy.



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